Day 14. 13th May

Old Onslow Town

The town of Onslow began in 1885 20 kilometres from its current site. The old site can only be accessed by 4WD. It was situated at the mouth of the Ashburton River to service wool industry in the hinterland. The pearling industry was also located here. After repeated cyclone damage and the silting up of the river mouth the town was relocated near the Beadon Creek in 1925. Only the remnants of the Police complex remain as well as the cemetery.


Police Buildings

The town had a hospital and doctor’s residence and overland telegraph station as provided by the government. The police complex was quite extensive including police station, goal, court house, magistrate residence and staff quarters.

2-town plan

Town Plan



The track out to the old town site follows the Ashburton River for part of the way.


Ashburton River

The line going up the tree is a termite trail where the termites eat the bark and use it to form a tunnel so they can continue to harvest the tree.



Termite Track












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