Brenda’s Progress #8

Well Everyone

Great News.
Brenda came home Tuesday lunchtime.

We brought Brenda home on Monday for an OT assessment. This went very well. It was tiring for Brenda, 35 minutes in the car then check around the house to make sure it was really her home. The OT then arrived so
Brenda had to show how she would move around the house and do the things she needs to do. We have lunch at home with Sarah Robert and Renee and My Mum. Then back to the Hospital for a rest.

Brenda at the Computer
Brenda at the computer on Monday’s visit.

The OT assessment only required us to install two grab rails in the Shower and some non slip mats. The rest was letting Brenda know how to sit on the office chair without it escaping from her and telling her not to access the lower cupboards.
When we got back to the Hospital the OT had left a report detailing the above work. The OT had also met with the Doctors before we arrived back to let them know she was happy to let Brenda go home. The Doctors agreed
that Brenda should go home the following day (Tuesday).
Brenda was taking a nap when the head nurse came in to give us the news. I was sitting in the corner and she said to me that Brenda could go home the next day. Brenda let out a yell, WHOPPEE. So much for her being asleep. In was very hard for everyone to contain their excitement. Tuesday morning found me at the hospital at 9 o’clock packing bags. There was cards, stuffed animals and clothes to bring home and of course the patient.

It is great to have Brenda home although it can be a little scary knowing that we are responsible for her care. Lucky we have St John of God Home Nursing Service come each morning to give Brenda a blood thinning injection. We should be able to give the injections ourselves but it is reassuring to have professional care call once a day at the moment. The first morning Brenda woke at 5 o’clock with a pain in the head. This was due we believe to the drop in temperature overnight. First night away from air conditioning so I turned on the electric heater and gave her some codeine. The next morning was a bit better as we left the heater turn on when it got to cold and Brenda had a scarf on her head during the night.

One of the Neighbourhood Families visited on Tuesday afternoon. They had made a "Welcome Home Brenda" banner and a large card they had circulated around the neighourhood to sign. The comments in the card were very touching. Also Pastor Murray from the church visited to make sure all
was well and the church ladies cleaned.

Today we had a meeting with a Hematologist at Royal Perth Hospital. Our Oncologist asked if Brenda would take part in a trial for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This is an International study that is
looking at the benefit of using a blood thinning drug during the recovery from surgery and the effects of Radiotherapy. The trial requires a daily injection. This will start tomorrow when I will learn how to give the injection. It is very similar to the way diabetics inject themselves so I hope I can do it correctly.

Tomorrow also sees us at an appointment with the Radiotherapy Oncologist who will be giving Brenda to Chemo. We will get all the information and scripts to do the chemo at home.

Thank you for your prayers.
God Bless

Love Steve


Brenda’s Progress #7

Today was another milestone for Brenda.

After her afternoon exercise session I kidnapped her and took her down stairs to the Cafe for coffee. Brenda throughly enjoyed it, a coffee in a real cafe with real people in civies. We used a wheelchair to get there and back but it was still a wonderful experience. It was a bit chilly without a beanie on as we passed the main doors but next time I’ll remind her to put something on her head.

Later Brenda saw her Radiotherapy Doctor. He will now be giving her chemo as well. He hasn’t been happy with the other doctors he has appoached for the chemo. The Chemo will start when she starts the radiotherapy on the 4th July and last 6 weeks. The Chemo will be by tablet and administed at home but she will need some test as an outpatient during this time.

Brenda & Butterscotch with Mrs Olive her room mate

Brenda’s Progress #6

Hi Everyone,
I received some good news today.
Next Monday I am to pick Brenda up from hospital and bring her home for several hours.

During the time Brenda is home she will be assessed by the Occupational Therapist (OT). The OT will see how Brenda can move around the house.
She will see how Brenda will access the shower and toilet. She will look for obstacles that may have to be removed and supports that may have to be added. The OT will require Brenda to prepare a simple meal in the
kitchen as well. Where else would she prepare it? Its going to my head.
Once we remedy any of the problems that the OT highlights we should be able to bring Brenda home. We are hoping for Tuesday or Thursday next week.
I’ll keep you posted.