UK 2012

Well we are off to the UK the three of us, Pam, Spikey and I. Sorry you probably haven’t met Spikey. Spikey came with me last time I went to the UK but he was very shy and wouldn’t get out of the nice warm suitcase he travelled in. This time I coaxed him to jump into my back pack and keep his head out so he could see what was happening.

Spickey waiting to board flight to Dubai from Perth

We crossed the Indian Ocean arriving in Dubai about 5am We managed to stretch our legs with a quick lap around the transit lounge then on to an A380 Airbus to Manchester at 7 am.

Spikey is keen to climb abroad an A380 to Manchester

We all made it to Manchester just after noon on 1st September. That’s when things started to happen. We picked up our hire car, got out the GPS and what do you know it didn’t want to take us any where. Luckily we had directions to our accommodation in North Wales.
It wasn’t plain sailing leaving the airport as we struggled to read road signs and negotiate roundabouts but finally made it onto the Motorway to North Wales. After about an hour in the car it was time for a coffee and see if we could work out the last leg of the drive. Into Costa’s for a coffee and see if I could get the sim changed in my mobile. Unfortunately I didn’t have the paper clip I carefully stowed in my backpack to remove the SIM card. After carefully reshaping a staple I managed to get the SIM replaced only to find that it would not work.

Totally disillusioned with modern technology we went in to the car park and asked a fellow motorist where we were and if they had any idea how to get to Dyserth. After some simple instructions we were back on our way, finally falling in the door to our accommodation about half an hour later.