Day 15. 14th May



Cane River Conservation Park


Cane River Conservation Park

Today we headed for Karratha where we will stay in a friend’s industrial unit yard. He is also living there in a caravan and has an ablutions block we can use. The only catch is he will be away working when we arrive and will leave the gate shut but not locked. He has a dog that lives in the yard and when he is out of town a chap next door comes in and feeds it. Our friend “Kipper” called when we were out of town a bit and we told him we were approaching Devils Creek and he happened to be just over the hill so we met on the road. After a quick chat we continued on to his unit and gained entry being careful not to wake his guard dog which did eventually open an eye and enjoyed a rub behind her ears. With the van setup we headed into Karratha for some shopping. Later we returned to the unit to find the gates locked. The neighbour had come in fed the dog locked the gate and gone off to work. What to do? We called Kipper and he said he would call the neighbour and see if we could get the key in the meantime I was in the car and looked at the gate hinge and the top one was a slip hinge. I got out hoping the bottom hinge was the same but unfortunately it had a plate welded over it so you couldn’t lift it off. Dame, I looked at the other gate and what do you know it had slip hinges too but no plate to stop you lifting it off. I rang Kipper back and told him I was in and he told where I could find the spare key. Great we were home again and could put the perishables in the fridge.


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