Honeymoon Tour

We have started our honeymoon tour of UK and Ireland. We flew out last Wednesday night and went cattle class to Dubai which wasn’t too bad as we had two seat together down the back of the aircraft with a bit more leg room and we didn’t have to crawl over anyone else to go for a walk. The next leg from Dubai to Dublin was much better as we had taken up an offer by Emirates to upgrade to business class for that leg so it was off to the business class lounge in Dubai for the 2 hour stopover.
Pam mentioned at checkin in Perth that we were on our honeymoon, during the first leg we were given a cake and a glass of champagne. That was the start, when we boarded for the flight to Dublin we were given champagne at 7am to start the day. Breakfast and a bit of a sleep stretched out flat with a mattress and blanket got us through to lunch time. Cocktails for Pam and a beer for me soon had us tucking into lunch.
Then it all came unravelled, we had landed at pulled up to the terminal when they announced that there had been a big problem with the baggage system in Dubai and a few of the bags didn’t make to flight. Nearly 200 bags. They gave us letter to fill in if our bags didn’t show up on the carousel. We watched as the bags started coming out and my bag was one of the first to appear so we felt sure Pam’s bag would show up shortly. Minutes went by and every purple bag that appeared gave us fresh hope only to be dashed as they moved slowly past. Then came an announcement for me to go to the Customer Service Desk. Yes Pam’s bag had been left in Dubai and the next flight in wasn’t till 9pm that night. So off to get our hire car and find the hotel.
9pm came and went so we tried calling the airport to see it any bags had arrived but the number wouldn’t answer. Next morning, still no answer on the number given so tried some other numbers and finally got someone who said they were very busy and call back after 10am. Finally we made contact with the right people only to be told that only a few bags arrived last night and they expected more on the noon flight. The noon flight was delayed and calls were answer with “call back later we have about 150 bags to sort out”
We had given up hope of see the bag again so it was looking like a shopping spree was on the cards. Poor Pam had resorted to wearing one of my shirts and the only shoes she had had given her a blister so things were going down hill fast. It was to be our last night in Dublin so we hobbled down the street to a little cafe for dinner. The food was great and the bottle of red provided great medicinal benefits. We wobbled back to the hotel and just about to settle in for the night when reception called to say Pam’s bag had been delivered. Pam raced down to reception to be greeted with great jubilation by the hotel staff who knew of Pam’s plight.
We didn’t pay a lot of attention to Dublin as we were rather anxious over the great baggage blunder but we did manage the open to bus tour. Yes the sun does shine in Dublin we did see on several occasions. Actually it was a beautiful day about 20 degrees.