Brenda’s Progress #15

Well it’s a while since I gave you an update.

Brenda started the monthly rounds of chemo since the last update. We went to the Oncologist to start the chemo. He had checked her blood test and everything was normal to start the chemo. The chemo this time was three times the dose she had while having the radiotherapy. He also prescribed a anti-nausea drug as well. Brenda was to take the tablets for five days then have the rest of the month off.

The treatment started off OK but by day 3 Brenda very tired. Day 4 she spent in bed but picked up a little on day 5. On day 6 Brenda wasn’t good on her feet and Sarah thought she was slurring her words. Brenda had noticed this as well and was very concerned. I tried to contact her GP but he was off sick so I contacted the Oncologist Rooms. The Oncologist rang back later and when I told him what was happening he said that there could be some swelling in the brain around the areas that had been treated. He suggested that I increase the steroids. After the radiotherapy we had been reducing the steroids to a point that she would be off them in another week but now we were back up to the high dose. Well it did the trick within 24 hours she was back on her feet looking for things to do.

By the weekend Brenda was feeling well enough to go to church on Sunday. After church we went to the markets a brought some fruit and vegies. On the way home Brenda said lets go to Bunning nursery. We had a walked around and brought some seedling and some pots of colour. After lunch I set Brenda up out in the sun and she re-potted some of the hanging baskets, planted up a wooden wishing well her Dad had made and planted some of the seedlings in the front flower bed.

Brenda thoroughly enjoyed her time in the sun. This was really great therapy we both enjoyed it .

Brenda Potting up a basket

Brenda now feeling much better decided it was time for a new hair do. Brenda still has patches either side of her head without any hair. This is due to the radiotherapy. We went up to Morley to Curly Sue’s and purchased a wig. What a difference it makes, it gave her an instant lift. Brenda seemed to huddle over a bit when she had a hat on and didn’t look well at all, but the wig seemed to lift her and put a spring in her step.

Brenda's new Hair