Day 13. 12th May

Exmouth to Onslow

Up early this morning, well not too early and pack up for the next section to Onslow. This means a trip back down the peninsular of 165Km to re-join the North West Coastal Highway. Once on the highway you travel along it for 155Km turn left then 80Km to Onslow. Four hundred Kilometres and only one place you can fuel up both car and body, Nanutarra Roadhouse. Well we had a pleasant surprise when we crossed the Yannarie River. There is a 24-hour rest stop with composing toilets and of all things a Burger Bus parked up selling burgers, hot food as well as coffee. We had a stop off and enjoyed an egg ‘n’ bacon toasted sandwich washed down with a flat white. The lady was run off her feet serving and making the orders which the truckies were radioing ahead on the CB radio.


Burger Bus

The journey was otherwise uneventful except for the small ranges that occasionally came into view. These appeared a slight purple contrasting to the red soil and the green and white trees. Also there were regular groups of termite mounds some of which were enormous. The mounds in this area were a real red colour. There were patches where a fire had gone through at some stage and destroyed all of the grasses which just left the charred trees and bare red soil for many kilometres.


Termite Mound

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