UK and Beyond

London 2019

We didn’t get to travel much last year, with buying and selling houses and moving, now we have time and start with a week in London.

After nearly 24 hours of being flung through the air we made it to London yesterday. Blurry eyed we managed to escape to confines of Heathrow Airport to find our Uber ride. This is when you realize you are not quiet functioning as well as you thought. We were to meet our Uber ride in the South Short Stay 3 car park, Level 3 Row A. We wait for the ride in Row A. The driver texts to say he is waiting where are we?
We are in Row A where are you?
I’m in Row A Level 3. A quick check to find him but no we can not see him but we do notice that we are on Level 1.
It does help if you are on the right level.

After an hour and a half in peak traffic we made it to out AirBnB in Forest Hill. It turns out to be a delightful bedsit in a leafy suburb.

Leafy Flat in Forest Hill
Even some wildlife hang out around here

Our host was kind enough to get in some bread, milk and cheese so we didn’t have to go out and forage for a evening meal or breakfast.

Horniman Museum

Not far from were we are staying is the Horniman Museum. This is a free museum for the people started by Frederick John Horniman, Victorian tea trader and philanthropist, began collecting objects, specimens and artefacts ‘illustrating natural history and the arts and handicrafts of various peoples of the world’ from around 1860. His overarching mission was to ‘bring the world to Forest Hill’ and educate and enrich the lives of the local community. 

The Horniman Free Museum
Clock Tower
Impressive Building


London from the grounds of Hornimans Museum
Grounds of Hornimans Museum

After several hours of wandering around the gardens and museum it was time for lunch and buy something for dinner.
The walk was a chance to see how we would fare on the up and coming bus tour. Tomorrow we will take the train into London.


One thought on “UK and Beyond

  1. Hi Steve & Pam,

    Good to hear from you. So you’ve returned home from your trip. I expect that you needed some time to recuperate once you got home. I look forward to hearing about your trip. Best Regards, Deanna

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