Made it to Darwin

We made it to Darwin today we will be staying here for a week. Left the van at Howard Spring about 30 km from Darwin. Its a nice grassed park and we treated ourselves to and ensuite. Tomorrow I have booked the Ute in for a service and organized a courtesy car so we can take care of a few things like vote, caravan parts and haircut etc.

We managed to get down to the wharf this afternoon and brought some prawns and bugs so we could enjoy a little feast on our new patio. It was very nice obviously freshly cooked and we washed it down with some cider.



It was about 6:30 the sun had just set and the temperature was about 28 degree C. Sorry all of you who are feeling the cold down south.

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Cheers from Darwin


Layday in Katherine

After a longish drive yesterday we ended up taking it easy today. We did want to go to the Gorges but lethargy over took us. We started out well by a short stroll down to the Hot Springs that are at the back of the caravan park. Taking note of the Crocodile warning signs at the beginning of the track then the one near the steps leading into the water we went for a swim. The water was warm and crystal clear. Now what did that last sign say. Oh yes it said DO NOT ENTER THE WATER crocodiles were seen here, then a date that wasn’t quite legible, it may have been 15/5/16 or 15/5/15 not sure. Anyway we had a quick dog paddle around while two others were there but when they left leaving us as the only bait we decided we had had enough.

Later we took a drive around Katherine had some lunch and retired back to camp for a nanna nap. We may have a better chance of the Gorges on the way south from Darwin. Tomorrow we will be in Darwin and get the oil changed in the car. We have a week there then start our trek south through the Centre.

Didn’t have a camera this morning but click on the link for some photos.

Katherine Hot Springs

Cheers see you in Darwin

Icing on the Kimberly Cake

What a way to to finish our tour of the Kimberly. We had a boat tour of the Ord River. A coach took us from Kununurra to the Durack Homestead that was relocated after the Ord River Dam was constructed. The Durack’s were a pioneering family opening up the Kimberly to the cattle industry and  later to irrigated agriculture.we continued on to the lake Argyle village and the across the dam wall to meet our boat below the dam wall.


The boat driver Jeff was a very capable host and made us quite welcome. He obviously loves the Ord or as it is here Lake Kununurra. he has a through knowledge of flora and fauna as well as the river itself. He started with a few facts about the dam wall as the boat drifted about then asked what people wanted to see and the over whelming reply was crocodiles. Jeff just manoeuvred  around passed some trees and there were two fresh water crocs on the rocks.

DSC_0972  DSC_0973

The River flows through the  Ranges and you can see flood levels from the past





Another Croc


The tour culminates with the sun setting over the river.






The shot above you can see a croc in the foreground.


We even got dropped off at our Caravan Park.