Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day this year is on Friday 19th August, which as it turns out is this Friday. đŸ™‚

Some brief infomation about Daffodil Day and why it’s important.

What is Daffodil Day?

Daffodil Day is the largest merchandise based national fundraising event of its kind for cancer research, education and patient support in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is a day to support those touched by cancer and to focus on hope for a cancer-free future.

At the beginning of last century, people with cancer faced almost certain death. Now, thanks to continuing improvement in research and patient care, more than half of them will be successfully treated. This progress is celebrated on Daffodil Day.

Created by the Canadian Cancer Society in the early 1980s, Daffodil Day is now run by cancer charities in seven western countries. The event has given the daffodil international significance as an accepted and positive symbol for the heroic efforts made by cancer patients.

The importance of Daffodil Day

By purchasing a daffodil you are supporting The Cancer Council Australia’s members to provide $25 million to cancer research each year. Community funds support research into the causes and potential cures for a disease that affects almost one in three Australians. We also provide support programs for patients and their families, a cancer helpline, and education programs aimed at preventing cancer.

Thanks to continuous improvements in research we now know how to prevent one third of all cancers, and more than half of all cancers can be successfully treated. Although there have been major advances in research, improving detection and treatment, cancer is still the leading health concern in Australia.

So if you see any of the Daffodil Day merchandise for sale, put your change to a good cause. Or if you feeling rather generous you can even make a donation online.

Thank you