Day 8. 7th May

Washing and Shell Beach


The day has come for some domestic duties so its gather up the washing and stroll across to the laundry. The weather is windy and mostly sunny. Load up two machines and back to the van for a coffee. Back to the laundry, empty the machines go out to the washing lines to find they are now almost full. We find enough space and hang out the washing with only two pegs to spare, lucky I wore that shirt 2 days in a row. Back to the van read a book or try and write this blog. An hour later where has the sun gone and what is that liquid falling from the sky, quick rescue the washing. Luckily the sheets were dry and it was time to break out the camp wind and solar powered clothes drier for the smalls. Yes the miniature Hills Hoist for caravaners.

The day was disappearing and we hadn’t left camp so we fired up the Amarok (vehicle) and headed down the coast to Shell Beach. Shell Beach is at the end of a small bay where the outside sea water enters and the water evaporates quickly creating a higher density of salt than the outside sea. The higher salinity prohibits most this surviving in this environment except for a species of cockles that adapted over time and their shells layered down and calcified together. Early settlers used this material as building blocks as it was easily sawn into manageable size and bond together with a mortar.

Shell Beach

On the way back to camp we stopped at several advantage points to look at the sea and coast with a little four-wheel driving thrown in.

Goulet Bluff

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