Day 9. 8th May

Leaving Shark Bay

Time to move on and continue up the coast but before we leave we drop in and have coffee with friends Chris and Colin from Mandurah. They have a holiday house up in Denham and just by chance were up here as well. I had sent them an email but they were out at sea for a few days so were not able to get back to us till the night before we were leaving. It was nice to have a chat and talk about our travels in Tasmania.

It’s a 130Km drive back out to the North West Coastal Highway so with that under our belt it was time to stop at the Overlander Roadhouse at the junction. This is the only place to stop as the next service is at Carnarvon another 200 Km further north. We are stopping in Carnarvon for the night then on to Exmouth

We had heard that there was a café down near the harbour that was good for seafood so we drove around Carnarvon looking for it and lo and behold we found it down by the harbour and it was called the Harbourview Café. The only problem was they didn’t appear to be open nor did they answer their phone. We retired back to the caravan park hoping they would be open in the evening. We tried calling late in the afternoon and yes they were open and took our booking. It was Mother’s day so the restaurant was quite full, their seafood chowder was quite yummy as was their whiting and snapper.

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