Day 7. 6th May

Beautiful morning here in Denham a little fresh to start with but the wind had dropped. We drove out to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins. They only come in in the mornings and the Rangers limit session to 3 sessions, when we arrived the last session had already started so we lined up with everyone else with our feet in the water as the dolphin’s swam in close. Volunteers enter the water after a short while and the dolphins swim up close to them as they have a bucket each with 2 fish in. The volunteers then select a spectator to come in and feed a fish to a dolphin. A young child was selected first up then I was called in to feed a dolphin, this was a great experience and we only just made it in time.

Dolphin 3

Dolphins coming in

Dolphin 1

Swiming by.

going in to fed

Going into feed a dolphin


Pelican @ Monkey Mia

On the way back to Denham we stopped off at a small lagoon and was able to drive right down to the shore line and half way around it. The lagoon was a beautiful turquoise which the photos don’t quite do justice to. Along the water edge where some small black wading birds with bright red beaks.

lagoon 2

Small lagoon near Denham


water birds.JPG

Pied Oystercatchers

Small water birds at Small Lagoon possibly a Pied Oystercatcher.

Back in Denham we stopped at the St. Andrews by the Sea Anglican Church.

St Andrews

St. Andrews by the Sea

This is a small church made from blocks of seashells mined from Shell Beach a little way down the track.

Stained glass window in the foyer.


Stained glass window in the foyer.



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