8th March
Look out window. Looks like water covering the carpark, gaze across to the bike, definitely beads of water on it, look skywards, big black fluffy things low in the sky. I think that means it has rained and will continue to rain. Today we head for Launceston, not straight up the main highway thats to easy. We have to use the back roads you know the ones with the bumps and the twisty bits still in them. We set off in a light sprinkle, not bad really. We go through Bagdad still just a sprinkle and make it to Bothwell for fuel and morning tea. Get a pie and wander into the rear of the shop and there is a full blown gun shop for all your clothing, guns and ammunition and anything else you require in the bush. Shades of Dueling Banjos. The first real hint of things to come came when a group of bikers came in from the way we headed. They were wringing out their gloves before refueling.
I decided to take-off by my self. I got a couple of K’s out of town and the sun burst through the clouds. This we just to tempt me further. On I went across St. Patrick’s Plains and the rain got heavier. By the time I got to the Poatina turnoff in was persisting. The road to Poatina is steep and very twisty and bad enough in good weather but by now the fog had come in as well. By the time I made it to Longford for lunch I was wet through from waist down. My gloves were saturated and the dye staining my hand blue or was that from the cold. After lunch it was the final leg into Launceston and this was dry. We booked in to the caravan park and got out of our wet gear into shorts and tee shirts and the sun had came out.

City Gardens

Japanese Macaque Monkeys in City Park

The beautiful afternoon weather allowed us to do some sightseeing including the City Park and the Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge

One thought on “Wettttttt

  1. Try not to park near a water main in Launceston- all their council after-hours service ever hears about are burst ones!!

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