White Sands

9th March
Today we are off to the east coast. The morning sky looks a bit ominous but we’ll give it a go. So far it isn’t raining but navigating out of Launceston provides a few surprises for a few. As soonas we leave the city we are back into the windy Tasman Highway, this will take us almost to our destination. The clouds are treating with the odd glimpse of the sun. The roads are wet from overnight rain and are quite slippery in places with leaves or gravel mixed in. The road continues to live up to expectation and we stop at a lookout looking down to a green valley and Scottsdale. It was time to take a photo and warm the hands.

Lookout before Scottsdale

In Scottsdale I fueled up at an attended servo. The attendant started to fill my tank then let the nozzel escape from the filling hole and cover my tank and seat with fuel. He was good in that he did splash some water over the tank after he had finish and before it ignited. Time for a prize winning pie at the local bakery.
On to St Helens and the road doesn’t vary, its still twisty and fantastic. They are bikes of all sorts are out on the road.
Lunch was a salad roll then back on the road for a further 20 odd Ks to our overnight accommodation at White Sands Resort. This is right on the beach with chalets restaurant and it’s own micro brewery “Iron Horse”. Haven’t tried the brew yet but I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Chalet at White Sands

Chalets at White Sands

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