Above the Clouds

7th March
Today was a rest day for repairs and sightseeing. Several bikes needed attention so the day started if the sound of bikes being tuned etc. We set off in the car for the docks in Hobart for a coffee for a kick start. A stroll around the docks revealed several sailing vessels and old ferries. The Bollard lining the docks sparks the male imagination a little and it seem that I was not the only one that saw the likeness.

Bollards on the Wharf


After trying to buy a coffee in a harbour side cafe and being told to take a seat for service a walk out was staged and a more pleasant establishment found. We returned to the car with the news that it was sunny on Mount Wellington so we made a dash for the top. You climb and climb up a twisting road to reach the summit above the clouds. The view from the top is awe inspiring on a day like today which was fairly clear over Hobart. You could see the entrance to the Derwent and Bruny Islands to the south.

Hobart from Mount Wellington

Then it was back down into Hobart and over the Tasman Bridge on to Richmond. This small township has many old building and Australia’s oldest bridge, built by convict labour between 1823 and 1825. It also boasts a bakery that has tasty pies.

Stone Bridge at Richmond

Back at the motel it was time to fuel up but the bike decided to cough on the way to the service station. It stopped at the top of the hill on the approach so I let it roll down into the servo. It started OK but I cleaned out the fuel bowl which had several bits of rubbish in it. I refueled and it went OK back to the motel.

The weather here is cool but not cold in the mornings but the afternoons have been quite warm and humid. The sun has just set but it is still quite warm.

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