Jus Crusin’

4th March
Today we cruised Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River. The cruise boat was a cat that started service in 2007. It was Tasmanian built and it looked well engineered. The first part of the cruise heads up Macquarie Harbour to the entrance through Devils Gate. This is a very narrow channel between the Mainland (Tasmania) and Devils Island The other side of the island is too shallow for any vessel to pass. We then went up to the lighthouse at Port Sorrell.

Devil's Gate

This doesn’t happen that often but the sea was calm. Back into the harbour and on to Sarah Island which was a convict settlement from 1822 to 1833. We stopped on the island and toured the for an hour.

Ruins on Sarah Island

The guides on the island are very theratrical in their presentation. Back on the boat it was time for a very pleasant buffet lunch. Just the normal old cold meat and salad well not quite it included smoked salmon and Camembert cheese by the truck load. As we traveled up the harbour we also saw them them harvest fish from the fish farms.

Harvesting in the Fish Farm

Then it was on to the Gordon River. The captain gives a great commentary and describes the life cycle of the Huon Pine which is followed by a nature walk then just as pull into the docks back at Strahan we get to see the sawing of Huon Pine logs.

Cross Section of a 700 year old Huon Pine

Later we went to a show “The Ship That Never Was” put on by local players. The show has been running continuously for 17 years. It is very much pantomime in nature but entertaining.

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