Gone Feral

5th March
Today’s run was on to Queenstown for morning tea. The run is very windy just about all the way from Strahan. Three kilometers from Queenstown I struck a problem, just as I turned right at a “T” junction my bike stopped. I managed to get off the road and onto a driveway but I had no electrics.
Another rider stopped to assist but a quick inspection did show why I had no power. The main fuse appeared to be OK so I sent the other rider on and I’d wait for Kieth who has a multimeter on board. While I was waiting another inspection of the main fuse revealed that one end had a dry joint and hence useless. Keith arrived and we tried soldering the fuse but it still didn’t work so then it was back to using a good old strand of wire to get me into Queenstown. I brought a couple of fuses in Queenstown and replaced the piece of wire but I’m sure if I’d left it there it would have seen the bike out.

Leaving Queenstown

The climb out of Queenstown is spectacular and then it was on to the Heritage Hotel near Lake Clair. Lunch there consisted of a beer and what was described as Cobb loaf and Garlic butter. Both could be better described as rocks, the butter was frozen and the bread had scorch marks on the out side and microwave burn on the inside. You had to soak it in your beer to eat it.
While we were here we learnt that one of our number came a little close to a caravan on a bend. He opened up the side of the van with his bike but the van opened up his leg and broke several bones in his foot. He was taken to Queenstown Hospital but was allowed to leave so that his friend could take him to Hobart.
Tonight we a in a old work camp in Bronte Park.

Workers Cottage Bronte Park

The cottages are old but quite comfy. The good thing is they are part of a hotel on the site so fellowship was enjoyed all round. The people out here are the 2% Telstra doesn’t reach.

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