Still in the Alice

Every day on the road we pass road trains of 3 to 4 trailers so it is appropriate that we visit the National Transport Hall of Fame. Located a few km south we made it our first stop for the day. Here trucks and their drivers are remembered for the continuous work the industry has performed in helping to build this great country of ours. Along the walls are bricks with brass plagues remembering drivers from all over Australia. The main pavilion houses some older trucks, models of trucks and memorabilia. Outdoors there are various sheds for the restoration of exhibits and stock awaiting restoration. Then there is a massive shed that houses the Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame that recognises dealerships around Australia. There are many exhibits here of past and present Kenworth Trucks. Very impressive and for even the ordinary man and woman in the street it is quite captivating.

Next door is the Ghan Museum. The Ghan is an icon train that ran from Adelaide to Alice Springs when it could. It was replaced when a standard gauge rail was completed from Alice Springs to Darwin connecting South to North by rail for the first time in 2004. We didn’t go in to the museum but we did try the homemade pea and ham soup for lunch. This whole complex is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Back in town we found the Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame. This is housed in the old Alice Springs Goal. The goal was meant to be demolished after a new prison was built 20 km south of the town. Demolition had started but some forward thinking women took court action to halt it and some of the buildings were given heritage status allowing them to be preserved. Now several of the building remain as exhibit showing the prison as it was for female prisoners and also a male block remains as it was. The Kitchen block now houses the Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame.

The various exhibits in one section tells of the local women who came to Central Australia when there weren’t many white women around. Their struggle to survive in this rugged country with little or no support. The other section lists Australian Women who were the first women to take up roles formerly only given to men. Like first women in politics, medical doctors, veterinary surgeons professors etc. Many of these women achieved their positions but were not formally recognised by their male peers till much later if ever.


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