Down in Alice

We flagged a little today. We were late rising so it was into town for brunch. The sun was shining but the wind was a little lazy and blew straight through us. We managed to find a little café for bacon and eggs. Alice is a bit sleepy on Sunday mornings with just a few coffee addicts braving the cool conditions. Alice Springs is a lovely town nestled in amongst the ranges along the fast flowing Todd River. Oops got a little carried away there, that is the dry Todd River. Every year in August the Henley on Todd is held and unlike the Henley on Thames regatta it takes on and entirely different approach to boating.


Please check out the shenanigans by following the link.

We managed to find the Tourist Information Centre after circumnavigating an inner city block by foot and ending up a few metres from our starting point. I think they wanted us to take the walking tour of Alice before letting us in on all the good info. After gathering a few pamphlets, we were totally flummoxed as to what tour we should do so we went back the car and did the Steve’s tour of the Alice.

We flaked for the rest of the afternoon.

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