On to Broome

Eighty Mile Beach

We set off as early as we could today as we wanted to stop in Port Hedland to say hello to Renee’s folks, so the van was packed and we were fuelled up so it was out of bed and on the road. The first stop was for coffee in Roebourne. It was a great little café and the girl making the coffee made a bit of a slip up while making the coffee and instead of continuing she stared again. The coffee was worth the extra wait.

We made Port Hedland in good time and were able to meet Pete and Di at their shop. Time for another coffee. Dome has setup a café in the old Medical Clinic which was probably built in the early 1900s. It is a marvellous old timber building that has weathered many cyclones.

Back on the road to Broome we saw some Brahman cattle on the side of the road so it was time for a photo shoot.

1-Brahman Cow

It’s quite a drive to Broome from Karratha about 850Km and only a couple of roadhouses in between. There is a caravan park at the southern end of Eighty Mile beach so we stopped there the night. This is a little oasis in the north and from April it starts to fill up with Grey Nomads escaping the winter chills of the South. They have over 350 powered sites with most taken up by regulars each year. The fishing is good and it supplements their diet. Would you believe we didn’t even go down to the beach which was just over a small sand dune?


Eighty mile Beach Caravan Park the grey nomad winter holiday playground.

The drive to Broome was pretty uneventful the next day and we were pleased to setup camp on the edge of Roebuck Bay.


Lay day in Broome

Still recovering from the last 2 days drive it was time to wash again, do some shopping and get some information from the Visitor’s Centre. While at the Visitor’s Centre we perused the pearls in the Courthouse Collection and purchased some pearls. They have a large range here catering to all tastes and pockets.




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