Millstream National Park

Birthday Treat

It’s my birthday today so we are celebrating it by going the Millstream National Park and stay overnight in a tent. You can get caravans out to the park but there is a fair amount of gravel road so tenting it will be. The Fortescue River flows through the bottom of the park and the Millstream Homestead is on one of the billabong on that system.


Millstream Homestead now a museum


An Oasis

As you enter the station you pass Deep Reach. This is a 1.2 Km long lagoon that you can swim in.


Deep Reach

We camped in the camp grounds near the homestead and setup the tent which went reasonably well considering we hadn’t erected it before. We then set off for a drive around part of the park called Snappy Gum Drive, this is a 30Km 4WD track that takes you through the Fortescue River which actually had water flowing over the road in several places. The road goes over the tops of several hills which gives wonderful views to the Chichester Ranges.


Chichester Ranges in the Distance

Back in camp it was time to crack open the champagne, sorry sparkling wine to be pc. We had met a couple at Deep Reach so they popped over for a chat and a quite drink. Dinner was a pork chop on the bbq which salad followed by coffee and a biscuit. The sun had set and the cockatoos were finally settling then the dingos gave a howl just to let us know they were there and it was time for bed. About 4 in the morning we woke and stepped, stumbled out of the tent to see the brilliant stars on display as the moon had set and we were treated to a wonderful display.


Camp Millstream

Python Pool

On the journey back to Karratha on the Tom Price Road you can enter another part of the park. You take the Wittenoom Roebourne Road which will take you to Python Pool. Along the way the spinifex appears quite a bright yellow and when we looked closer there were flower stems with small flowers atop.



You approach Python Pool down a little bush track to the base of some cliffs without a hint of what is to come.


Approach to Python Pool

There at the base of the cliffs is a pool the size of which you can gauge by looking for Pam sitting in the shade of a tree.


Python Pool

The water was quite still and clear. It was buzzing with Damselflies and loads of small fish in the pool.



After a relax in such a peaceful location it was time to head back to Karratha and get ready to continue on to Broome.

One thought on “Millstream National Park

  1. What a wonderful place to spend your birthday. Your holiday is amazing and we are enjoying following you. The photos are fantastic.

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