Tennant Creek NT

Today was a lay day, more domestic duties, catch up on clothes washing and floor washing. Don’t have a vacuum cleaner on board so had to sweep out. The van could do with a wash but that may have to wait till we get back home, at least it’s got some cred. After the duties were done it was a five-minute tour of Tennant Creek then about half an hour looking for the supermarket. We drove up and down the main street several times but did not see the supermarket. Defeated we found a coffee shop and partook some refreshment. We enquired of the host of the establishment as to the location of the local provisions merchant. He told us it was on the left side of the main street in a southerly direction about 500 metres away. We mounted our trusty vehicle and headed in a southerly direction and as we approach an intersection we noticed several shopping trollies milling around a non-descript retail establishment. This establishment had no signage, no windows but was painted in a very fashionable grey hue. We approached cautiously on foot and an opening appeared in the side wall beckoning us in to spend our hard earned notes of the realm. We spent with gay abandon 3 pears, a zucchini, an avocado, tub of yoghurt and a packet of crispbread. Are we living it up.

As you can tell there is a lot to do in Tennant Creek I think we will move on tomorrow. Didn’t even get the camera out today, its rest day

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