Its Almost September

Well September is almost here and we haven’t been for a major holiday for nearly a year. We have had our caravan for over a year and it has only been on the open road on several occasions. The time has come to make a move. We have booked passage on the Spirit of Tasmania the vehicular ferry to Tasmania for Melbourne in early October.
So its pack up the van, organize the house/dog sitter and we are off. The trip I did in 2010 to Tassie I took the Bike as far as Melbourne on a trailer. It towed like a dream, the van is going to take more effort. It tows well but it needs your full attention.
I hope to be able to give you more regular updates than our last trip but someone had a technology overload. Pam did manage to keep a diary using pen and paper.

The Great Discovery Tour Van

The Great Discovery Tour Van

Roll on October.

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