Today it was did a quick trot around the Romanov's Place. This was the place they tried to kill Rasputin. They tried hard by poisoning his wine but when that didn't work they shot him and left him to died in a room in the basement of the palace but when they checked on him later he wasn't dead. They shot him six times and said he was dead and took him to the frozen lake and put him under the ice. It was when the ice melted and the body found that they did a post-mortem on him that they found he had drowned.
A quick lunch then on to coach heading for Moscow. This trip is split in two with and overnight stop at Novgorod. At Novgorod we had a walking tour of the kremlin ( a fortified complex) then on to a "Be my guest dinner" The group hosting the dinner were a family of musicians .

Video of part of the performance

Tomorrow Moscow

More Bling

The bling just goes on. This time it is just outside St. Petersburg where they set up gardens the resemblance Versailles. Also Catherine Palace which the German forces intentionally destroyed the residence.[1] leaving only the hollow shell of the palace behind. Prior to World War II, Soviet archivists managed to document a fair amount of the interior, which proved of great importance in reconstructing the palace.

Bling movie

Tomorrow we have some more Bling in St. Petersburg before heading for Novgorod.

More Bling