We made it to a MotoGP after many years of watching on TV. It was the British GP and a great event to be able to attend.

It was an early start to get to Silverstone, up at 7, breakfast then about 16 mile drive. We were at the track by 8:30 enjoying a reasonable coffee. The first race was at 12:40 so plenty of time to find our seats in the Village grandstand. Around 10:00 they started the warmup laps. I managed to get some photos of the bikes while they ran their circuits.

When the racing started the stands had filled up and it wasn’t possible to take photos so I just enjoyed the racing.

The racing was exciting as they have been recently. Leaving the track was a lot longer then arriving. We made it to the car and sat in it for 40 minutes before we could move an inch. Finally we were able to move and took us 20 minutes to drive about a mile back to a main road. Even the main road was busy but we made it to the M1 but it to was busy so we took a side road to find a pub for dinner but as is mostly the case dinner is not served Sundays as the generally serve roast lunch. It was back to the hotel and dinner there.

Follow the link for more photos MotoGP

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