On the Road Again

Well almost.
At the beginning of August we will setoff to Copenhagen to start a 13 day tour of Northern Capitals then off to Wales and the UK for 6 weeks.

Hope to take plenty of photos but not sure how many will make it up here but will give it a go.

The tour will be my first escorted tour but as we will be going into Russia I think it is a wise move. Just getting visas is quite difficult and an organised tour makes it a little easier. To get a Russian visa you first have to pay $50 for an invitation to apply for the visa. Once you have been granted an invitation you have to complete a questionnaire letting the Russian Embassy know who you are, how you were educated, who you were employed by, if you have any connection to your government or any other government and where you have travelled to in the past 10 years. When you have given this information you the have to let them know if you are part of an organised tour or travelling independently. You also have to tell them how and when you are arriving and the accommodation you will be staying at. Finally you have to let them know how and when you will be leaving. Once you have done this you submit your passport and a generous amount of money and wait. If they decide to let you visit their wonderful country they paste a visa bearing your photo to a page in your passport and return it.

Russian Visa

Russian Visa example

We have located some house sitters to stay and look after the dogs and the house. We hope that they enjoy their stay.

After the tour we fly to Manchester and pickup a hire car and drive to Wales where we have a week to catch our breath and catchup with the washing. Then it’s off to the British MotoGP at Silverstone, a quick drive around Kent then off to the Isle of Man for a week. Then it’s the Isle of Wight for a week then the smallest of the English counties Rutland. That should just about do it for this trip.


Hope to talk to you all soon.




7 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Hi Steve,

    We might cross paths in the UK if your are still there in October?

    Our arrival date is the 26th September and leaving on 2nd November.

    We are also thinking of going on a cruise from Copenhagen through the Baltic ports.

    It’s a small world you never know we might cross paths!

    Anyway have an enjoyable trip.

    Take Care and Best Wishes

    Pauline and Ian


  2. Sounds like two very brave people venturing into Russia. Hope it all goes well for you both. Stay safe. Look forward to following your journey.

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