We’re Back…………in W.A.

We’re Back…………in W.A.

Yes, we made it back across the border into W.A. at 15:00 SA time, 13:30 WA time and 14:15 local time as they are a law unto themselves here. They like to confuse the hell out of the tourists who don’t know if they are coming or going. When they arrive at the border and the Agr Police who want to look in every crevice of the car to see if they have any contraband. One tourist asked the inspector if he knew anything about Karijini to which the reply was “Gee I don’t know. Never heard of it. Don’t know where it is.” The Inspector we had was very polite and gave us a chip box to replace the fruit box I was using for bits ‘n’ pieces in the ute.


Another thing dropped off the bucket list today but I think it might just stay on it. We stopped at the Head of the Bight to see the whales. There was a sign at Ceduna Tourist Office stating 8 whales seen at Fowlers Bay and 99 at Head of the Bight. With this in mind we made sure we took the turnoff just east of Nullarbor Roadhouse. The Aboriginal Lands Trust have a visitors centre setup at the Head of the Bight and charge a small fee to access the cliff top to view the whales. The Southern Right Whales breed from May to October in this area so we were there at the right time.


The female whales generally breed once every 3 years and bear calves that are about 5.5m long and 1000-1500 kg at birth. Females feed and nurture their young in the shallows where they can best protect them from predators such as the Killer Whale or the Great White Shark. We managed to see probably a dozen females mostly with calves. They seemed to be having a great time while we stood by in the chilly wind watching and trying to photograph them.

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