Heading West

Here we are in Ceduna and we are in the first caravan park with 500mb of free Wi-Fi. Would you know it and I haven’t got much to say? We had a rumble around Rundle Mall on Sunday, set foot in the casino for coffee and cake and dined at the Henley Beach Hotel for dinner to celebrate getting the washing up to date and our last night in Adelaide.


Yesterday we drove up to Port Augusta, the trip was quite busy with traffic, rain and a stiff head wind. We had an ensuite for the night. This morning we had news that Adelaide and Hills had copped strong winds over night with trees down and power outages. So glad we had made to decision to head towards home.

The drive today started out as a sunny fine day with a slight head wind but bearable, but later overcast and an odd shower. Approaching Iron Knob we had to slow to 60km due to a community event. The army are in town conducting exercises in the area. We passed quite a bit of army traffic coming down from Darwin several weeks ago and they are still here. It took us quite a while to get past the exercise area and then a few more kilometres down the road we passed 2 soldiers in full kit and armed, patrolling another area.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, we did see sheep, emus and several dead kangaroos and foxes. The crops around here are shooting out of the ground so I hope the weather stays good for the local Cockies. Tomorrow we will head for the Nullarbor and probably stop at Nullarbor Roadhouse. The weather is supposed to be clear but I think the wind may still be a problem.

We did hope to have a night at Streaky Bay but our favourite restaurant doesn’t open on Mondays and is not open for dinner till Thursday.


Courtesy of moceanstreakybay.com.au

Next time we will have to schedule our travel better. Pam has done a wonderful job of putting together a rough schedule and places of interest but that was only up to Adelaide. We left the journey home free to see what took our fancy. Esperance is still on the agenda once we hit WA so will have to remember to turn left at Norsemen instead of right.

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