Back to the reality of the Temperate Zones of Australia. We flew back from Cairns yesterday on the wettest day in Adelaide in 75 years. Temperature got up to 13⁰C. In Cairns the overnight temperature was lucky to go below 20⁰C. Back in the van and the heater is going full blast but we are warm and dry.

Today the Amarok went in for an oil change and inspection. We asked for a loan car when we booked it in over a week ago. The phone rang this morning before we left to tell us the loan car had not been returned, what did we want to do. They promised to complete the work within 1.5 to 2 hours so we dropped it off. The area was Mile End, an industrial area of Adelaide so we asked if there was any place we could grab breakfast. 2 blocks away was a 24-hour café which was part of a local pie and cake producer. The coffee and breakfast here was great and well-priced after some of the remote locations we have dined in. As promised we had the Amarok back within 2 hours so we set off for the Adelaide Hills.

First stop was the German influenced town of Hahndorf. This town was started in 1839 by mainly German Immigrates and has maintained it ever since. It has a lovely main street which is lined by deciduous trees, unfortunately leafless at this time of year.

One of the shops that caught our eye had a display of German clocks so in we went. There were regulator clocks, mantle clock, wall clocks and grandfather clocks and many cuckoo clocks. Every now and then a cuckoo clock or a chiming clock would go off. Thank goodness they all weren’t set to the correct time or as the o’clock came there would be a cacophony of chimes and cuckoos. At the other end of the shop were various stuffed toys and other collectables. The striking feature was a display of ‘Golly’ dolls. We noticed in the Territory that there were ‘Gollies’ for sale. I asked the sales assistant for help in choosing a ‘Gollywog’. I was politely informed that they were ‘Gollies’ to be P.C. to which I informed her that in my day they were ‘Gollywogs’. Her husband agreed but we had to speak in hushed tones. We had a great time in choosing a doll and finally chose the one called June.


Our stroll along the main street was curtailed due to another shower so we adjourned to German Cake shop and partook in a monstrous slab of German Apple cake for Pam and Cherry Strudel for me. Fully fed and watered it was time to continue our drive. We wound our way through miles of cattle country and vineyards towards Birdwood. The Nation Motor Museum is located there but we continued on till we came across a scenic drive through a gorge that followed the River Torrens. Yet again different country than we had seen before. Eventually we came across a dam that was being upgraded. This was damming Kangaroo Creek which is part of the water supply for Adelaide. All in all a lovely day out that due to the weather could have been a disaster.


One thought on “Brrrrrrrr

  1. Hi Steve, loved Hahndorf. Glad I won’t be reading/seeing you enjoying yummy warm weather any more. Welcome back to the cooler climes.

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