Kings Canyon Walk

Yep you can do a walk into Kings Canyon or you can do a walk around the Rim of Kings Canyon. They both start from the same place at ground level, the walk up the canyon follows the creek. The rim walk starts with you transforming yourself into a mountain goat and traversing a steep climb to the rim level where I believe its relatively easy going and everything is relative. We took the relatively easy walk as in up the garden path for our enjoyment and it was relatively good enjoyment.


There had been some heavy rainfall recently and the last bit of the canyon floor walk was closed due to a rock fall and the damage to a bridge.

Holly Grievilliea

Holly Grevillia found in the Canyon

The canyon did however provide us with some fantastic scenery and vegetation. The sides of the Canyon have, and are undergoing erosion so it is continually evolving so if you come here in a thousand years it won’t be the same as we saw it. I don’t think its due to global warming, may just be a case of global aging.

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