Kathleen Springs

In the south eastern part of the Watarrka National Park is Kathleen Spring. This is at the end of a gorge and has been used by aboriginals to hunt and gather food in its rich fertile valley. Later the cattlemen used it to contain and trap cattle for branding. A fence was put up across the opening to the gorge but left open to allow animals to come and go. When time came to manage the cattle the fence was closed off and the cattle trapped. A tank was also install to water the cattle and water was pumped from the spring at the end of the gorge to the tank by windmill.


Stockyard fence across mouth of gorge


Remnants of the Water Tank




Spring at the end of the gorge.

This walk is a very easy walk and is suitable for wheelchair access. It was quite peaceful in the gorge and the vegetation is varied.

There were many flowers in the gorge.


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