Olgas Walk

It was time for a little exertion  so we went for a walk in the Olgas.


We chose a simple walk, Walpa Gorge Walk. This is a 2.6 Km return moderated walk. We set off with backpack with food and water supply, warm clothing as the wind was quite cool. Really it is a simple walk so we just took some water, camera and hat and set off. This walk takes you into Walpa Gorge in the Olga formation. The walls of the gorge are conglomerate rock with the embedded rocks being rounded and would be 200 to 500 mm in diameter. The walls rise up probably over 100 metres. the bottom of the gorge is a bed of released rocks as the walls have eroded over time. 




From a Dune viewing platform for the Olgas, Ayers Rock can also be seen.





As you go further into the gorge the vegetation increases as these is more permanent water supply.



Looking back the desert stretches off into the distance.


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