Last Day at the Top

Tomorrow we leave Darwin and head south, hopefully some cooler weather on the way down. It would be nice if the humidity dropped a little but we will have to take what we are given. This afternoon we did another sunset cruise but this time on Corroboree Billabong. This is about 100km from Darwin in the wetlands. The billabong is a haven for all different varieties of birds and other wildlife. We were hoping to see some Saltwater Crocodiles and while waiting to board the cruise boat we saw one drifting by. With the cruise under way we were treated to a sea eagles nest and some egrets amongst the lotus lilies that line the banks.

Sea Eagle's nest



Sea Eagle

This fine looking sea eagle is second only to the wedgetail eagle in size.

Jabiru and nest

This Jabiru and his nest was a bit far off to get a better shot and I didn’t fancy strolling over to get a better one as this fellow below was catching the last of the suns rays just past the bank.

Saltwater Croc

A little further along we came across this one fairly close to where some Adgile Wallabies were grazing.Saltwater Croc

Just Cruising.

Saltwater Croc


Adgile Wallaby

Adgile Wallabies aware we were passing


Egret still feeding


Ducks in the foreground as the sunsets


An Imperial Spoonbill feeding but what’s that to the left with his head just poking above the water.

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