Yesterday started a little early as we had booked the car in for an oil change and check-up with the local dealership. We started out just after 7 to join the peak hour rush. Didn’t get caught in the rush but there was some traffic about. We had booked a courtesy car but the team leader assured us that the car would be ready at 9 and to save our money. Just after 9 the phone rang and the car was ready. We drove into the CBD to complete the other tasks we had on our list and by 11:00 we were on our way back to camp but we had a stop. We stopped at Finlay’s Joint for coffee with Big Kev. Big Kev is a life size model of a diplodocus.


Is there someone behind me?




Finlay’s Joint is a garden centre, cafe and landscapers yard.

In the afternoon we did a Steve’s tour of wondering along the coast line from East Point reserve around Fannie Bay and on to Cullen Bay and ending up at Darwin Wharf for Fish’n’Chip tea.




Darwin has kept a great deal of it’s World War II heritage and infrastructure. I guess WWII contributed a great deal to the growth of Darwin and the forces still have a big presence up here. We passed a large army contingent heading south as we came up the Stuart Highway on Tuesday East Point has 6 inch gun emplacement and is flanked by search light and anti aircraft batteries. You could spend a quite a bit of time up here looking at these sites as well as the museums.

Today we setoff along the Arnhem Highway heading for the Window to the Wetlands. This is a dam, Fogg Dam, that is used for several studies of wetlands and is a haven for bird life and other creatures and one uninvited one. can drive across the dam wall but at the moment you are forbidden to walk across it owing to the fact that a saltwater croc has taken up residence and has evaded capture. One sign tell us that this wetland is a great habitat for the Dusk Rat which in good years are in great number followed closely local python whose numbers also increase. We didn’t see either on our visit. We did however see a variety of bird and a I caught a glimps of a long neck turtle.


Jabiru on the wetland


Jabiru in flight




A small kingfisher


An Egret looking for food


Time for some lunch so we headed back towards Darwin and stopped at the Humpty Doo Pub for a burger and beer.





One thought on “Darwin

  1. Looks fabulous Steve. Thanks for inviting me to this site. Great way to post your journey. I just took photos and posted to Fb then wrote a diary in a book. This is much better to have it all in one.

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