Made it to Darwin

We made it to Darwin today we will be staying here for a week. Left the van at Howard Spring about 30 km from Darwin. Its a nice grassed park and we treated ourselves to and ensuite. Tomorrow I have booked the Ute in for a service and organized a courtesy car so we can take care of a few things like vote, caravan parts and haircut etc.

We managed to get down to the wharf this afternoon and brought some prawns and bugs so we could enjoy a little feast on our new patio. It was very nice obviously freshly cooked and we washed it down with some cider.



It was about 6:30 the sun had just set and the temperature was about 28 degree C. Sorry all of you who are feeling the cold down south.

I have added a Follow this Blog by Email button down the right hand side, if you click on that you will receive and email each time I put up another post. You can always turn it off if you get bored with my blog.I will send an email out for the next couple of blogs but after that they will be automated. That’s the theory anyway and the way things have been happening anything is possible.


Cheers from Darwin

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