Bungle Bungle

What a spectacular morning. We took a scenic flight that took in Lake Argyle, Kununurra, Bungle Bungle Range and Argyle Diamond Mine. There were four passengers in a Cessna 210 and I jagged the Co-pilots seat.


The journey takes you from take-off over the Ord River Irrigation Area whose main crops are Indian Sandalwood, Mangos,Chia, Citrus fruits and Melons. The Chinese have recently brought up a huge chunk of irrigation area to grow sugar cane for their own consumption.

DSC_0893  DSC_0904

Lake Argyle was formed by damming the Ord River in 1972 creating the 8th largest man made lake in the world. The Dam wall holds back approximately 10,700 gigalitres of fresh water or the equivalent of 19 Sydney Harbours. it is 55 km north to south and 30 km east to west. 30,000 fresh water crocodiles live in Lake Argyle.


The spectacular natural feature of the flight is the Bungle Bungle Range part of Purnululu National Park. The was added to the world heritage list in 2003. The beehive domes are comprised of sandstone layers that have been slowly eroded by wind and rain over the past 20 million years.

The Argyle Diamond mine is the largest producer of pink and coloured diamonds in the world, producing around 20 million carats annually. in August 1979, two diamonds were found in a sample collected from Smoke Creek. The geologists followed the creek to the south west they discovered the Argyle Kimberite 1 diamond pipe, the core of an extinct volcano.

DSC_0878 DSC_0872

The flight back to Kununurra flew over the fault line that extends from Broome to Darwin showing a wave like structure. the flight finished by flying over Ivanhoe Crossing and back to the airport. The fight took two hours and also be done by helicopter from various location.


Fault line


Ivanhoe Crossing at Sunset

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