Hiccup Cure

Well today we started out a little differently than the others. Today we had breakfast and waited for our knight in shining armour, well shining tilt tray truck.


He arrived pretty much on time and we loaded the ute onto the truck and hitched the van on behind for a hundred kilometre journey to Kununurra. It was great to be able take in the view from a great height and not have to concentrate on the road and extraneous wildlife. Pam managed to take some photos through the windscreen as well.

The ute was dropped off at the Top End Motors for them to assess then they took the van up to the caravan park. That’s when the waiting started as the talk was that all the Amaroks they had brought in were sent to Darwin for repair and if it was deemed necessary that’s where ours would go. We had lunch from what we had left in the van and waited for the phone call. Just before four we got it, yes  the Amarok was OK it was refilled with oil, all the codes checked and road tested. GREAT we were mobile again.The insurance company picked up the cost of the tow of the ute and van, we just paid for the oil and labour at the garage. Thanks go to the team at Top End Motors and especially Courtenay who handled all the negotiations between the company and insurer and us.

Before we left this morning we had a photo session with the giant Boab tree in the caravan park believed more than 200 years old.04-P1050028


Last night I also saw my first cane toad in WA fortunately for him I didn’t have any golf clubs with me.



Tonight I snapped a few photos of Lake Kununurra were we are camped





Spider at the lakes edge

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