A Little Hiccup.

Tonight we are in Wyndham. Yesterday we drove from Broome to Fitzroy Crossing and that was the plan. We were to stay the night at Fitzroy Crossing then move on to Halls Creek today.


Outdoor area at Willare Bridge Roadhouse

We made it to Fitzroy Crossing and looked at the time, we still had plenty of daylight left to make it to Halls Creek so off we went.We made it to Halls Creek just before dark and tried to find a spot in the caravan park, it wasn’t full but we were told just find a spot and use it. That’s when we got confused. there were spots with power but we would have to unhitch, there were spots with water but it was on the wrong side, there were spots too close so to other spots. In the end we got a great spot near the toilets with water and power but the sun had gone down. Connected all the services and just relaxing when Pam told me our water hose was leaking. Forage around in the boot of the caravan find another hose fitting get the graunches out to the tool box and under torch light repair the hose.

Pam meanwhile checked out the pork chops we were going to have for tea (dinner). They were a bit off so into the bin with them. Dinner was then canned soup and Ryvita biscuits. Earlier in the day we stopped at a parking bay to use the Hybrid Toilets, must tell you about those one day, and I went into the van for something and noticed a white liquid on the floor near the fridge. The top had come off a tub of yoghurt  and was all through the fridge.

Now we had an extra day on our hands so we decided to head straight to Wyndham and then on to Kununurra the next day. We got a reasonable start today and stopped at Warum (Turkey Creek) for a bit to eat. In a freezer in the middle of the shop were Skippy Tails in the freezer.They were $17.00 a kilo with fur on. That’s kangaroo tails to the uninitiated.


What’s in here?


Skippy Tails of course.with fur on.


You travel through some spectacular ranges on the way to Wyndham with Boab trees in some places.When we got to within 25k of Wyndham I noticed the oil temperature warning light come on then go off. I continued on a short distance and it came on again and went off. It stayed off till we got to Wyndham and got the caravan parked up. Checking the oil and there was very little there so went down to the local fuel stop and they didn’t have the right type of oil so I rang my service man in Perth and he wasn’t keen on putting the wrong oil in so it was time to ring VW Assist.

The little man in Brisbane said no problem we might have to get you towed to Darwin but we will get a serviceman out within the hour.I let him go and put the service call in. Shortly after I had a call from a garage in Kununurra saying they would see if they could get someone out but after discussions with serviceman and management and the insurance company it was decided they would send a tilt tray truck out tomorrow morning to pick up the car and tow the van in to Kununurra for repairs. So tomorrow we will be driven to Kununurra saving our fuel and if there is a delay with our vehicle then we provided with a loan car.

Watch this Space


Brumbies Sorry about the quality.





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