Kalbarri Gorges

Day 4. 3rd May

Another day in Kalbarri, yesterday morning was quite chilly but today was much warmer, the wind had dropped , might even have to break out the shorts later.

Today we set off to the Kalbarri Nation Park to see the gorges on the Murchison River.

The first attraction is the Loop and Nature’s Window located 37Km from town. About 20Km is sealed road but the rest is dirt. A Tarago with Japanese tourist overtook me on the tar but when they hit the gravel they almost stopped. The gravel wasn’t bad it was corrugated but the Amarok handled it fairly smoothly. The surrounding countryside is fairly flat with low shrubs, lots of grass trees (Blackboys) and banksias. As you near the river you realise you have risen steadily from the coast.


The scenery of Kalbarri National Park is the result of many millions of years of geological formation. Beneath this countryside, the geology consists of deep, horizontal bands of multi-coloured sands that were deposited in layers 400 million years ago. The resultant sedimentary rock formation is called the Tumblagooda Sandstone.
As the Murchison River carves its way to the sea, magnificent red and white banded gorges have been cut by the flow. These gorges meander 80 kilometres through the 186,000-hectare park
(From park brochure provided by Dept. of Environment and Conservation)


We stopped at the Loop Lookout for a photo. The day had warmed up a bit and was now up to the low 30s


On the track back to the Amarok I noticed a small plant which only appeared to be stems with an orange flower atop. It was only about 3 inches tall (75mm for new school) then when I looked a little closer they were everywhere.orange flower


The link to Dr. Google is not too great here so I can’t find out what they are, will try and find out and let you know.

Tonight we lashed out and had fish and chips

camp kalbarri

Camp Kalbarri

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