Kalbarri Dinning

Day 5. 4th May

Beautiful morning to go for a walk after we had done the washing. We set off for town avoiding the nearest coffee shop on advice from the caravan park manager. We turned right down the main drag past the Traven then past a shop with a blackboard claiming the best coffee in town, the only catch being they only open between 5 and 8 in the evening. Keep on walking and another café came in to view, it’s blackboard saying “closed due to family illness” Keep walking must be nearly 2k from base and the last coffee shop in town is open and it has great coffee, we are not addicted, much.

Back in camp the washing is dry and time to recover from our walk. Later we take a drive to Red Bluff and the Zuytdorp Memorial.

memorial plaque

Later our friends Rick and Lynley made it up from Perth for a few days so we made plans for dinner. The restaurant is the “Upstairs Restaurant”. They are very creative with their names up here, the butcher downstairs from The Upstairs Restaurant is T-Bone & Sons. The restaurant specialized in local seafood. There was a table of young locals there when we got there and the noise level was a bit high but they were enjoying themselves. The owner made us most welcome and we enjoyed the local fare. Pam had the spaghetti marinara. Which she thoroughly enjoyed, Lynley had Red Emperor while Rick and I had the Cajun Barramundi. After dessert we looked around and realised we were the only ones left in the restaurant and it was only 8:30, we took the hint and left and to our amazement the pub next door patrons were also leaving and Kalbarri was finished for the night.


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