The Big Half Lap

Day 1. 30th April 2016
Today was the start of an epic journey, The Big Half Lap of Australia. This journey will take Pam and I up the west coast of Western Australia to Broome then across the Kimberley to Darwin in the Northern Territory. We then turn south through the Centre of Australia on to Adelaide, from here we will fly to Cairns in Queensland for a week to catch up with Pam’s son. Flying back to Adelaide we then return to Perth via the Nullabor Plain and then south to Esperance following the coast to home. We have allowed ourselves 12 weeks to do the Big Half Lap.
After weeks of preparation the last week before leaving saw us trying to get so many things done at the last minute but this morning we left home at 8:30 to brave the freeway traffic heading to Geraldton 400 odd Ks away. The journey was uneventful and the recent rain has greened the landscape. In Geraldton we caught up with my old friend Peter and his wife. By old I mean a friend for many years as I met Peter shortly before Robert was born in 1983. We have been to Geraldton several times now and it is in easy reach of Perth so we planned only to stay overnight and continue on to Kalbarri the next day.


Stopped in Dongra for light refreshments.

Stopped in Dongra for light refreshments.

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