Time now to attack the East Coast. This side of Tassie is more cultivated but still there are large areas of mountains and bush. There is generally easy access to the coast. Our first camp is at Coles Bay. This bay sits to the western side of some granite peaks the other side lies the Tasman Sea and Wineglass Bay claimed to be the most perfect bay in the world The only access to the bay is by boat or over the granite peaks. This involved walking or was that climbing over the peaks. Well not quite the peaks but the lower bit in between them. All in all a bit energetic for two senior cits on holidays. So for us Wineglass Bay remains elusive.

Coles Bay
While at Coles Bay we were within striking distance of the Historic town of Ross in the Midlands. This was a great drive through pastoral land, Bush and then cultivated land. Ross is on the main highway from Hobart in the south to Launceston in the north. This was a convict location with many of the early building still in use today. Ross is very popular with the classic car clubs and bike clubs meeting from north and south. While we were there a large group of Ulysses bike club members arrived for morning tea and to make sure they were displaying anything pink.



They were to meet up with the northern clubs in Campbell town 15 kilometres up the road for a picnic and fundraising day. Ross also had a craft market day so we were able to check out the produce of the local crafters.

Onward to Campbell Town and the troops were gathering for a big day. Then we headed for the coast again, this takes you through Fingal and St. Marys. Fingal appeared to be a sizable village and we weren’t sure why, but on the way out we came across a coal mine, mystery solved. St. Marys is at the edge of the Break of Day Plains which is a highland plateau from which you have to descend to the coast either by St. Marys Pass or by Elephant Pass. We chose Elephant Pass as you start your descent you have to stop at the Elephant Pass Pancake Café. Yumm chicken camembert and blueberry pancake plus many more exotic combinations. Lunch over and down the pass we go on to the coast road. We make it back to camp in time to watch the Australian MotoGP. What a shemozzle that race was with rider having a compulsory pit stop and riders black flagged.

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