Wild and woolly

We have had bad weather the last two days. There has been gale force winds across south east corner of South Australia and Victoria.
Monday night in Adelaide was very windy an several trees were blown down causing traffic chaos. We made it out of the city to travel to Mount Gambier via the coast, probably not a good move as we were buffeted by the strong winds. In Mount Gambier we only gave the Blue Lake a cursory glance and setup camp at the caravan park. It rained most of the night and the wind continued.
This morning we debated whether to stay put or go on closer to Melbourne. We set off in the wind and the rain. We decided to go the inland route instead of the Great Ocean Road. We had to drive around one fallen tree on the way but we made it to Geelong the mid afternoon and the sun broke through but only for short periods.
The wind has dropped a little and hopefully tomorrows crossing of Bass Strait will be comfortable.
Arriving from Melbourne
We sail tomorrow night and arrive in Devonport at 6 the next morning. Will update you from the “Apple Isle”

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