Long Drive then Rest

Yesterday was a long drive from Streaky Bay to Adelaide. Fairly easy drive to Port Augusta except for one caravaner that liked to use up both sides of the road. After Port Augusta the road is fairly flat and runs along side the Flinders Ranges. It took a bit of effort not turn left and cross the ranges and head for Broken Hill.
Once I sorted out my homesickness for Central NSW it was on to Adelaide. The road turns into a dual carriageway and there are cars. The carriageway becomes an express way and more cars and trucks. Then its all traffic lights and turning lanes and cars and trucks and buses. The express way ends and the lanes narrow, I’m watching cars and trucks and buses and the fence running down the median strip. The van takes up the whole lane as does the bus beside me. Help I’ve just come off the Nullarbor, I should have a triumphant entry into the city with streets cleared of cars and trucks and buses, just people cheering from the footpath. We made it to the caravan park just south of Glenelg. Last couple of sites left, the manger took me down to a site and said back it in there. No problem just get the van to miss the overhanging limb on a tree next to the site while missing the fence in front of the car. Could have done it if I approached from the other direction but that meant going up a lane way the wrong way. The manager then said just stick it the bay next door. that was much easier. Up till now it was “just find a spot out there, there all drive through”. You could park semi-trailers in most blind folded.

Today was rest day. late breakfast, then a little drive to Glenelg a stroll around and coffee next to the Tram Terminus. Then it was a Blackies tour of Adelaide and up to Mount Lofty.

Adelaide Sunset (Beneaththelandslide at English Wikipedia)

Adelaide Sunset (Beneaththelandslide at English Wikipedia)

Tomorrow it is off to Mount Gambier and Blue Lake.

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