Time to go is almost here.

Well time is almost here to fly to the UK. This time Pam will be going with me to enjoy 5 weeks in Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Paris.
We booked this trip last year as we have access to 3 weeks timeshare. This cuts the accommodation cost to a minimum for those weeks the rest of the time will be in B&Bs and with friends and family.
We are lucky to have a friend house sit during our holiday and take care of the dogs.
We are flying Emirates to Dubai then to Manchester. All up about 17 hours in the air and nearly 3 hours in Dubai. We have hired a VW Passat in Manchester to drive the 50 miles to our first stay in North Wales. The first week is Wales so we will be taking our umbrellas to try and ward off any precipitous activity.
Don’t have anything much planed here but will go to Llandudno.

Will have to fit in a steam railway as well.

Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways.

One thought on “Time to go is almost here.

  1. Have a great trip! Look forward to the stories although i dont think the Queen will put a special parade on for you this time!!

    xxxxx Dean, Christine & Ryley

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