Pictures from Home

The morning started with another fine Cornish Breakfast of ham & eggs. It was then time to do a bit on online family searching so I could go back to the Museum in Liskeard and look at the parish register for St.Cleer.
Just as I was starting I received a Skype call from Sil in Sydney. He had video on and I didn’t have enough bandwidth in my room so I went down to the conservatory and I was able to speak to him with good quality. After I had finished that call I got one from young Liam. It was great to see him. He is growing well and start his injections this week. He is so strong he was lifting his head and upper body from the floor and the legs were coming up as well. He is certainly doing well.

Rob, Liam & Nay on Skype

It was great to see and talk to Liam.

Back to work and I found some more of the Cowling family of St. Cleer.
Armed with some names and dates it was off to Liskeard to look at microfiche. On the way I stopped and took some photos of Lampprettons House and Cottages. They are about a mile out of St.Cleer and this was the address on the Census. I perry sure they wouldn’t have lived in the house but in one of the surrounding cottages.

Lampretton House

My search of the Parish records made me think my ancestors my be “heathens” as I could not find any records. Then the penny dropped my 3rd Great Grandparents were buried in the General Cemetery which surrounds the Dissenters Chapel and 2 Great Grandparent were married in the Registry hence they wouldn’t appear in the Parish records. Oh no point in looking at microfiche.
I took off the South Cornish coast to Looe then on to the fishing village of Polperro. The streets here are very narrow and the fish would have been hauled out by horse and cart. The horse and cart now takes tourists from the car park 750 yards down to the harbour and back (for a fee of course).

Tonight I dined out at the CheeseWring Pub at Minnons. Lovely pork ribs washed down by a pint of cider.
Lets see what tomorrow brings.

2 thoughts on “Pictures from Home

  1. I used to live in Hartland Point. North Devon. Great part of the world and great people. Have you been hunting Tiddyoggies yet? (ask the locals what they are)

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