In the Motherland

Well I finally made it to the UK. It lived up to its reputation at Heathrow as the luggage belt broke down just as start to get a little bit full which left nearly 500 passengers waiting for them to fix it but they then had to change it to a smaller belt.
Luckily I was met at the airport by Barry Smith as I had just about had enough after the flight. Barry drove me to his Mum’s place in Wiveliscombe in Somerset where I stayed the first 2 weeks.
During my stay with Val & Ray they took me around to various places in Somerset and Devon.
The start of week 3 I picked up a hire car and went to stay with Sybil in Weddon Cross.
I had hoped to have access to the internet but like rural Australia Rural England doesn’t had a great wireless broadband coverage.
Next week I’ll be in a B&B in Cornwall that claims to have WiFi so I hope to catch up on posting the trip so far with the odd photo or 3.

Village of Broardhembury Devon

3 thoughts on “In the Motherland

  1. Wow! Gorgeous photo Dad, can’t wait to see them all. Especially photos of Barry and everyone! Hopefully the camera is doing alright!

    Speak to you soon x

    P.S. Love the blog layout!

  2. Always a beautiful village and of course not that far from where I was brought up. Dad and I often went by Motor Cycle down to broadhembury for a drink at the pub there. They always held the Motor Scramble meetings there, which he really enjoyed going to.

    Karen xx

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