The End (Almost)

14th March
Today is the last in Tasmania. The weather is absolutely fantastic. Those with vehicles on the Island have loaded them up. The Harleys are on the trailer ready for the long drive back to WA. The rest of us have sorted out what we need for the ferry trip. Everyone is discussing there favorite highlight over the last 2 weeks when “The Wombat” asks how many miles he has left in his back tyre. A quick glance across to his outfit and the rear tyre show patches of canvass. The general feeling is that he should not ride it but if he insists then it should be straight to the ferry. He decides to ride to the Car Club lunch which is on the way to the ferry. There he asks car club members if he could get to the display after lunch and someone tells him it’s only 40 odd K round trip, not far. So what does he do he sets off to the display. Half way there and 10 K’s pass the ferry he has a blow out. But where does he have the blow out right in front of a local motorcycle shop owner’s residence. The Owner comes to his rescue and takes the wheel to his shop, put a second hand tyre on the wheel and only charges him twenty bucks.
The lunch at the car club was great and we then went to Port Sorell to a private collection of cars and bikes. I continued on to Port Sorell to see if I could find the cemetery where my Great Great Grandfather is buried. Unfortunately I didn’t find the cemetery, looks like I’ll have to go back to Tassie again.
We made our way to the ferry parked up and adjourned to the pub. After waiting in the carpark for about two hours we finally got on board. We have four in our cabin which was quite stuffy. I tried to sleep but couldn’t get comfortable. I spent the rest of the night in the lounge dozing.

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