Home Again

Finally made it back to Perth today.
After the puncture on Monday the Honda was load straight on to the trailer and didn’t move till I unloaded today. It was a sorry sight covered in dust and a flat tyre. Did I say dust yes we had 40K of gravel road while heading for Burra in South Australia. Guess who didn’t take any notice of her ladyship Miss GPS. That’s right she kept nagging us to turn right and take us in to Waikerie but I knew better and used the bypass. Wrong I should have gone into Waikerie and then headed for Morgan. Instead we ended up in Blanchetown. We stopped at a garage a brought a map which showed a road to Morgan so we set sail only to find it was gravel. It was a good gravel road compared to the one we were on in Tassie so all was well. When we did get to Burra the number plate on the trailer was rounded on the end where in had been peppered with gravel.
The Journey home was via Mildura Vic the first night covering 550Ks. That was enough for the first day as I was pretty tired from the ferry trip. Day two got us to Ceduna SA 1000Ks and a half hour time difference. Day three we went from Ceduna to Norsemen WA 1200Ks and two an a half hours time difference so we got in at an early hour. Today we made Perth 720Ks by 2pm.
All the way from Port Augusta SA we passed motorbike after motorbike mostly with trailer. These were returning to the eastern states after attending their annual rally which this year was held in Albany WA. They get upwards of 5,000 attending these rallies.

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